Mathamethayalum Manushyan Nannayal Mathi' was a famous quote by Narayana Guru (1855-1928), a spiritual sage and social reformer of India. According to him, everyone in this world strives for his own comforts and pleasure - Atmasukham! That is the one religion in this world. Religion is the path for us to find our inner The goal of all religions is the same. Religions have the role of creating in the human soul the trend to ascend. Once the trend is set, they themselves will seek and find the ultimate truth. Religions are only guides to help one seek rightly. To those who have attained the supreme, religion is not at all an authority. They themselves are the authority to religion.
Medium: Pen on Texture Paper | Size: A4 | Year 2018
Medium: Digital | Year 2022

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