This series was done in the time of COVID 19. My attempts was to convey the message "Always support your neighborhood businesses but atleast in the pandemic period". The project was creating Malayalam logotypes visually similar to famous brands in the same sector. Like Goli Soda for Coca Cola, Kadala Mittai for Sneakers and Anthikkallu for Budweiser. All the three local businesses categories were seriously affected by the arrival of these powerful multinational brands into local markets. Also created one replacing the Nike's tagline 'Just Do It' with 'Cheyyadei' which is like saying people to support local businesses.

Created this series inspired from the thoughts of Mr. Manoj Matthai , Founder, Principal Strategist and Chief Creative Officer of Breakthrough Brand & Business Consulting. He has been successfully doing it in a broader perspective of transforming neighborhood businesses into successful brands, for more than two decades.

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