The Manglish Project
Malayalam is the regional language of Kerala - a South Indian state. But these days people there are speaking a mixed language. Sometimes even the proper terms of Malayalam are exist, they purposefully use the English terms. Some of them have a misbelief that people who speak English are having good personality and more knowledge. Here I am trying to create new letters for Malayalam, which have a Manglish (Malayalam + English) look. Please go ahead and share your views.

Note: This is a fun project. The outcome of this project will be nothing. Also, this doesn’t help anyone in communication. You should know English as well as Malayalam letters to enjoy this particular project.
ക്ഷ  - I'll make you to write 'ksha' with your nose.
ബ്രോ ( Bro)  -  For all the mallu bros around the world.
Kla.. Klaa.. Kli.. Klee.. Klu.. Kloo.., Suresh turned around. There is a Mynah!
But Why?? The coefficient of the linear expansion is the haemoglobin in the atmosphere. But why??
Then it'll become Manjari.
Upma in English is called 'Salt Mango Tree'.

Sayippe.. it's not 'Pusha'. It's 'Puzha'. The 'Zha' of 'Poovanpazham'.

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